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Students learn about grace, poise, and technique needed to be proficient in Ballet. Ballet classes will help dancers with posture, flexibility, fitness, balance, self-discipline, and self-confidence.


Dancers use their feet like drums to create rhythmic patterns and timely beats. In a relaxed, encouraging, and energetic environment, students will learn single-tap steps, then incorporate them into a series of combinations.


Hip hop is a high-energy class that infuses the latest styles of street dancing, breaking, popping, and locking. Hip hop dance requires students to have the strength and stamina to successfully perform moves.


Contemporary combines ballet and modern techniques with musical and emotional expression with a strong focus on modern techniques as well as musicality and self-expression.


Acro/tumbling is centered

on fundamental acrobatic techniques to increase flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, endurance, timing, body awareness, self-discipline, and confidence.

*Certified Studio in Acrobatic Arts 

TOT'S Dance Classes

Having fun, exploring movement concepts, developing dance skills, strengthening the body and brain, interacting with others – it all happens in our Tot's dance classes. Skills become more challenging throughout the year and progress with age level.

 Competitive Dance Team


Mission: It is the mission of the Ice Studios Competitive Dance Team to offer age-appropriate, healthy, and positive competitive /performance opportunities for dancers seeking personal and professional growth within the art and sport of dance.

Vision: The vision for the Ice Studios Competitive  Dance Team program is to build a legacy and reputation of high-achievement and positive character development in the performing arts; and to be well-known for consistent demonstration of good sportsmanship and integrity within the field of competitive dance.

Values: We value your dancer’s love of dance and will apply it to all efforts in our instruction with the intention of bringing out the best in your dancer both personally and professionally. We value teamwork, full effort in classes and rehearsals, and a significant time commitment from our dancers and dance families in order to be successful. We value the safety and well-being of your dancer. 

Adult Hip Hop Dance Class
Adult Hip Hop Dance Class
Multiple Dates
Jun 25, 2024, 7:30 PM
Kansas City
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